Alhambra Quilts

Alhambra Quilts
The cheapest quilt made, and very popular. Made all cotton with bold designs. Jacquard machines are used. The width of the cloth varies from 100 to 108-in. and length about 84-in. Standard cloths are: - (1) 108-in. X 84-in., 56 / 2 reed, 2 / 26's figuring warp, 2 / 40's ground warp, 36 picks, 6's condenser weft. (2) 108-in. X 84-in., 56 / 2 reed, 2 / 16's figuring and 24's ground warps, 30 picks, 4's or 6's weft, 100 yards of cloth from 120 yards figure, 105 ground. The coloured figuring ends vary from 1 to 4 in a mail of the harness, with one ground end to each mail. Two beams arc used, one for the coloured warp drawn through the jacquard harness, the other for ground warp drawn through the healds. For Colonial use the following has become popular: - and 5's weft.

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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